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1 May 10
The gay “Paradise for Men” in Sao Paulo
After unpacking a bit, your heroine went for a first exploration walk in the neighborhood. And – she had not been on her way longer than 3 minutes and 23 seconds - good old Suzy found the “Paradise for Men”. Look, fellow gay traveler to the world, Sao Paulo is a huge, huge metropolis and Suzy Size is such a small and unimportant human being. She just had arrived here and was still in a severe state of innocence, but already had found the “Paradise for Men”. You, gay traveler to the world, have it easy, you just jump to the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World and find the highly valued address of said male paradise. Read more

24 Apr 10
Rich harvest in gay Salvador da Bahia
Suzy Size said good by to that nice young guy and left in direction for her hotel. But he followed her, had - maybe - mistaken the drink for the beginning of more. Suzy explained to him, that she was not interested in further company, but to no avail: He would follow her, proposing to go to another place for another drink, but your heroine heroically declined such notion in friendly but clear terms. When they passed an area a bit dark with no people around, he suddenly reached out for the watch of Suzy Size, but did not get it off entirely at first attempt. Suzy took it off and threw it at him, fleeing the scene… Read more

17 Apr 10
Gay Rio de Janeiro is still a heavenly place
The entrance fee at Point 202 is 35 Reais (divide by 2 and you get $ US, Eduard) and it did not take more than five minutes till your humble heroine was exchanging hot and deep French kisses with a promising young men somewhere on the premises. There were so many willing young men in Point 202, always showing their big hardened cocks, it was almost grotesque, Tom of Finland figures, but more on the African than the Scandinavian side. One of them, a very practical guy as it seemed, used his extremely big and erect tool as a place to hang his towel, otherwise he was walking around completely naked as many of the boys. Read more

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