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16 Jun 12
Gay Tabatinga: Realities on the ground
After visiting Leticia (Columbia), Miss Size returned to the Brazilian side of the border, to Tabatinga, headed to the harbor and wanted to take a ferry over to Santa Rosa, Peru, (located on an Amazon island) in order to visit Brazil, Colombia and Peru in one day which is only possible in Tabatinga, as far as your heroine knows. But at that harbor it was explained to Miss Size, that Santa Rosa was presently inundated and such a Sunday visit was rather useless. Read more

9 Jun 12
Gay Tabatinga: Here three countries meet
So Suzy Size had highest expectations for gay Tabatinga: An exotic border town of three countries in the magical Amazon Region without any borders, nature pure, indulgence, sex without borders, orgies, threesomes, foursomes, unimaginable gay vices of any kind, polygamous indigenous males, most certainly, refined and very deep, in that deep, deep jungle environment. Uff and Oooh, Suzy Size was finally on her way to gay Tabatinga, and was very sure this little known place (hidden deep in the Amazon jungle) would prove to be – as imagined a million times back in good old Pattaya – a gay heaven of unmatched, unimagined dimensions. Your heroine was most confident. For months all her thinking, all her longing had gone to gay Tabatinga and the male riches of said place. Forgotten were the disasters with Bruno Carvalho in gay Lisbon, with Darick in gay Belem and that horrible or at least nasty gay male hyperinflation in Fortaleza. Read more

2 Jun 12
Gay Manaus is full of huge bananas
Look, prospective gay visitor of Manaus, not everything is bad in that jungle city. They have neatly renovated their fine opera house built during the rubber boom. There are some pleasant squares and corners and your walking heroine had certainly joyous moments, even though that city is rather dirty. The old market near Manaus port is under renovation presently, but there are areas nearby where merchants sell their exotic products. The dominant items of Manaus are huge bananas which is a likeable staple when you think of the shape and the extreme sizes. Of course it took your nearly gaga heroine a while till she realized: Those bananas are not made for mouths in their virgin state… Read more

26 May 12
Gay Belem: Rich harvest in one field
The regular readers of this eternal gay blog may recall: In the first to third episodes already, when your heroine Suzy Size was only planning her anew departure for the Gay World Friendship Tour, she had discovered a striking escort in gay Belem: A stunning young Mulatto with a 23 cm tool, that can do almost everything. The name of this flesh turned angel is Darick, he is the crown jewel, the icon of gay Belem! For months Miss Size – time and again - returned to her Darick darling, this monumental male escort entry. She dreamed of him, conversed with him, consulted him in all important questions, but only in her thoughts. And now she was actually going to meet that gay monument of Belem! Read more

19 May 12
Gay Fortaleza hit by male hyperinflation
This sign – thumbs up – you experience time and again whilst traveling in Brazil. If you order another beer by holding up the empty bottle in a restaurant, the waiter across the joint will put up his thumb telling you, he got the message and approves of the idea. So Suzy Size thought that passer-by with his thumb up was actually a closet gardener that did well understand silly Miss Size. But in the next moment that thumb was gone and said man was holding a long and rather pointed knife in his hand, a gesture that now looked more like that fuck you finger. The situation was completely surreal: That obvious thief was such a thin and unimpressive person your heroine was not scared for one second, but strangely paralyzed. He was at least two meters away and Suzy could have run flee from him without problems. After all this happened in broad daylight on a busy intersection with many cars and motorcycles driving around. But instead, Suzy Size just started to scream a bit, probably hoping to attract attention and chase him away. Read more

28 Jan 12
How will gay Belem and gay Manaus be?
And then your heroine will arrive in Belem which is home to her one and only Darick, dear, dear Darick. Darling Darick. Darick, my delight! He is indeed a beautiful Mulatto with a 23 cm tool, sensual lips and a pierced nipple. In her native German language Suzy Size is tempted to fall into a poetic mood again, to even rhyme (“Der Mulatte, hat ne Latte), in other words, to act silly, like when she wrote her one and only poem for Troy, how many years ago was that? It seems one and a half eternities have passed since. Darick reminds your horny heroine of Jeff Stryker, as a matter of fact he resembles him not little. But Daricks cock is arguably bigger. Certainly bigger! Read more

2 Jul 11
Kissing the sexy gay Sao Paulo boys bye, bye
Suzy Size was a bit tired or even exhausted after almost three months on the road through Brazil, Chile and Argentina, dutifully checking out all kind of gay bars and saunas for Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. Now, back in Sao Paulo, she thought about returning to Termas Fragata where she had good, but quite expensive times in the past. Or she was contemplating to visit the equally expensive boys at Thermas Lagoa where she had angered a guy with whom she was kissing already when she saw another one with even a bigger cock and instantly abandoned the first one: The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Read more

25 Jun 11
Sexy gay dragon found in Fortaleza beach
Despite the warnings of the receptionist – they had neither food nor beer at said hotel - your hungry and thirsty heroine went out anyhow. Even though the rain had stopped, she was in a bad mood and armed with her famous umbrella to fight off any criminal that would dare to cross her way that lousy, rotten night. If any bad boy would come close to her, she was going to shout at him in her native Swiss German dialect: “Wotsch aes paar ad Schnurre du tumme Siech!” which is quite frightening and sounds about like this: “watch as bore add shnoorae to toomae sea-aek”. Your hateful heroine is quite sure, that you, gay traveler to Fortaleza, would have run too, if you might have crossed the path of Miss Size that very somber night. Read more

18 Jun 11
Overdressed in a gay Recife sex sauna?
How the hell, could your horny heroine loose almost all her shirts, pants and underwear over night? She woke up one morning in gay friendly Recife beach - practically naked!
On the other hand she was reprimanded for being overdressed by a guardian of public morals in the so private quarters of Termas Boa Vista, the well known Recife gay sex sauna!
A strange world and tons of Recife conundrums, indeed, but let your humbled heroine start this episode in a proper way… Read more

11 Jun 11
Sexy gay travel encounters in Salvador
Your traveling heroine Suzy Size had desperately wanted to return to Salvador da Bahia, even though she had come just the year before to discover the gay scene there. Salvador is one of the blackest places all over Brazil, and thus naturally a gay sex heaven for any size queen with all those well hung black guys all over. There were at least two good reasons to return to Salvador: It was on the general route of your heroine. And Miss Size had discovered a nice looking gay sauna, walking distance from the Salvador beach in Barra last year called Paradiso but never had entered it due to lack of stamina after her frequent visits to Planetario 11 (another sauna for people like us with boys). Look, fellow traveler, Sticky Rice this unique International Gay Guide had stated that Paradiso was graced by the presence of money boys and that was one of the reasons sex greedy Miss Size had booked a hotel just walking distance from said paradise. Read more

4 Jun 11
More Gay Porto Seguro travel adventures

For the gardening users of this Gay Guide: It is in Porto Seguro (Brazil) that your heroine saw cocoa and cocoa trees for the first time in her life. It goes without saying that Miss Size took about 300 cocoa beans with her to Pattaya and is growing this plant now too in the luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo.

But at the moment - at least in this narrative - she still sits in Alcohol Alley and watches highly talented Igor, the waiter and tout of Pizzeria Do Noe, talking to the walking by folks in absolute friendliness. He thus tries to lure them into said place.

If they do not enter and say their usual “obrigado” (obliged, male speaker) or “obrigada” (obliged, female speaker) or “muito obrigado” (much obliged, male speaker), Igor would respond with a “de nada” (it is nothing, you are welcome) which was the friendliest sounding “de naaaada” of the world.

Was Igor a gay son of Porto Seguro? Read more

28 May 11
The gay mails from and to Porto Seguro II
When Suzy Size on her second day in Porto Seguro went on one of her famous walks she went to check out the whereabouts of the ferry over to Arrajal d'Ajuda, Patricia Highheels had mentioned it in her first mail. A juicy black bicycle driver stared at your humble heroine. He just had bought a ferry ticket and made signs at Miss Size to join him, to board the ferry and set over to the other side of the river where he certainly would know a quiet place. He could clearly see in the greedy eyes of your heroine what she saw in him, what she wanted from him and he was very interested in some hearty hanky-panky. Read more

21 May 11
The gay mails from and to Porto Seguro I
Look, your semi senile heroine Suzy Size still (sometimes) trusts the advice of old friends like good old Patricia Highheels (sometimes here abbreviated as PH (no D, of course)). This Zurich based anesthetist warmly recommended a visit in Porto Seguro (whilst in Brazil) last year. Her Brazilian boyfriend – who lives with her in Zurich – has a Pousada (guest house, Eduard, just in case you might mistakenly think of pussy which comes with two s…) in Porto Seguro: Pousada da Casa Amarela).
There - Patricia in her sweetest tunes made the pulses of your naïve heroine jump 2 meters above ground - a benevolent lesbian manager of said Pousada had the only bar of Porto Seguro (save port) which was more or less a save heaven for the few lesbians AND some gay men in that otherwise family oriented Brazilian beach resort. If Suzy Size would ever go there, she could stay inexpensively at Casa Amarela (yellow house) and that lovely lesbian soul mate of Miss Size would introduce a talented young man (or two) to your heroine who would serve as a guide (during the hot days) and a companion (during the bitterly cold nights, if the air conditioning is turned on full blast). Read more

14 May 11
That one night in gay Rio de Janeiro, that made your humbled heroine stumble (2)
So it was a whole pool of reasons – that hard, big cock admittedly being a very strong or striking argument as well – to trust marvelous Bruno and take him from Corujinha (Little Owl) to “Le Boy” and later to that love hotel in Lapa which was walking distance to the hotel of your heroine in Gloria and the room of Bruno in Catete.
Bruno, at one point during their stay at Corujinha, had asked Miss Size – who he still called “Papa”:
”Why do all white people have such small cocks?”
Your heroine had taken this remark with a grain of salt, had thought, Bruno was bloating a bit, that vain, vain young man who was – after all - and actor, a comedian, a joker. But now, sitting in that taxi that took your two heroes through the constant Rio rain to “Le Boy”, they were passionately kissing on the back seats and the hand of your size-queen was measuring that hard and big cock in those claustrophobic jeans once again, Suzy Size was severely humbled. Read more

7 May 11
That one night in gay Rio de Janeiro, that made your horny heroine stumble (1)
They have that so delicious, ice cold Brahma draft beer at Corujinha and your heroine ordered one and a cheese and ham toast. A young man (without drink) sat at one of the tables and made eyes at Miss Size, but your heroine thought him to be too young. And where would they go anyhow? She would (and could) never take him into her hotel and were short time places in Rio de Janeiro really safe? In the past your heroine had visited such places with men found around Galeria Alaska, but that was almost 30 years ago, during her more daring days.
The young man was very insistently trying to make eye contact with your heroine and once she smiled back. A minute later he was at her table and she bought him a beer.
His name was Bruno, 18 years old, he even showed his ID card to Suzy Size.
Your heroine was – at 54 – exactly three times the age of her newest acquaintance:
O tempora! O mores! (Oh what times! Oh what customs!)
Most surprisingly, young and so tall Bruno spoke quite some English. He said, he was an actor and then he talked about Stanislavski. Read more

30 Apr 11
A night in gay Rio de Janeiro makes a hard man stumble
No, it is not criminality your hardened homosexual heroine Suzy Severa Size is talking of. The places, tourists like Miss Size visit, are quite safe these days, the police is very present, omnipresent. But when you walk for hours and hours through beautiful Rio de Janeiro, like your philandering heroine, you cannot but notice an incredible abundance of the most beautiful and sexy men (a Rio conundrum: even the few ugly ones are so sexy!). The gay visitor of Rio de Janeiro is always under severe stress – blessed are the blinds! Such a gay visitor is constantly busy undressing all those hunks, if he likes hunks. But – oddly enough – he will suddenly also go for the thin or fat guys! The bears will suddenly like hairless as well and vice versa. Many men walk around without t-shirts, thank God, so you can right away start to pull the pants down and need not bother with the little, preliminary things like silly t-shirts. Read more

23 Apr 11
Some gay stuff around the waterfalls of Iguazu
When the young and cute Asian had almost finished his wine, she asked for another cigarette, but it was his last and Suzy – as a former smoker - did not want to take his last cigarette, wanted (at least) to appear to be considerate.
The wine was now having the desired effect, the face of the cute Japanese medical student was turning very visibly red.
When he finished his last cigarette, Suzy made a proposal, he – as a Japanese nicotine addict – could hardly refuse: She would open another bottle of red wine and share it with him, if he went out and fetched another package of cigarettes. Naturally he liked that deal and left the hostel for a short time.
Let us now use the absence of that cute Asian man, to reveal the most secret plan of Suzy Size to you, users of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World: She was trying to get him drunk, the wine had shown some effect already on the red face of the medical student. After the second bottle of wine, your benign heroine would invite him up to her room – only for five minutes, she would tell him – to show him her award prone pictures of the world famous Iguazu waterfalls, the very latest shots. Miss Size was really looking forwards to some spicy Sushi in her mouth. Read more

19 Mar 11
Happy gay birthday in Porto Alegre
Suzy Size, your old heroine, showed more photographic skills when she suddenly bumped into a figure that looked exactly like herself! Look, gay traveler to the world, we have never published a picture of Miss Size so far and many biographers and masses of Size scholars have rightly lamented this lack of visibility, this lack of a clear picture.
There are, of course, good reasons for this photo shyness of your heroine.
How could she possibly test the amenities (including the juicy men) of the gay world, if everybody knew her face?
The word would spread:
“Look, over there, that is Suzy Size.”
Owners of badly managed go-go bars might revert to dirty tactics, pay some of their most talented money boys to befriend naïve Miss Size and she might then misjudge the situation, thinking she was loved for what she is und thus getting the wrong picture of any given gay venue. Read more

12 Mar 11
From Sao Paulo to Curitiba where the most scenic train of Brazil awaits
When Suzy Size came to Curitiba she met only one fellow she would talk to during her whole stay, lovely Juliano Trindade. He certainly is in the league of Troy, M. Idris and Beauregard, if you know, what your old and nostalgic heroine means. And mellowed Miss Size did not even one moment try to find the only gay sauna of Curitiba, Sauna 520, which is naturally listed in the ever growing Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, after she met her jewel, juicy Juliano. At the train station…
But we must not rush things and thus confuse the rudderless readership, your heroine is still in Sao Paulo, trying to get to the Rodoviario, the bus station, on time, which is not that easy that late morning. Read more

5 Mar 11
Paradise (for Men in Gay Sao Paulo) lost
Suzy Size remembered Bruno, her one and only Bruno (and all the others), at Paradise for Men with fondness. They had the most innocent dancers at said heavenly joint who would dance on the stage in boots and sexy underwear only. In between their stage appearances they would approach the guests, stand close in front of them and could be fuddled. The older guests would touch their nipples, muscles, ass, well built legs and sometimes – the daring ones – a cock – in haste.
The favorite of your horny heroine last year was without doubt Bruno, she just called that beautiful and so innocent young man Bruno in her mind, she does not know his real name. And now she was well on her way to meeting wonderful Bruno once again.
But this dream was not going to be fulfilled! The one and only Paradise for Men was – at 11 pm Sao Paulo local time – completely empty and alight. No wonderful dancers, no guests, the paradise was lost, obviously lost. Had it closed for good? Which evil Eva was to blame? Read more
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