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Accounts & Advice - Tabatinga, Brazil

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Accounts & Advice - Tabatinga, Brazil
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16 Jun 12
Gay Tabatinga: Realities on the ground
After visiting Leticia (Columbia), Miss Size returned to the Brazilian side of the border, to Tabatinga, headed to the harbor and wanted to take a ferry over to Santa Rosa, Peru, (located on an Amazon island) in order to visit Brazil, Colombia and Peru in one day which is only possible in Tabatinga, as far as your heroine knows. But at that harbor it was explained to Miss Size, that Santa Rosa was presently inundated and such a Sunday visit was rather useless. Read more

9 Jun 12
Gay Tabatinga: Here three countries meet
So Suzy Size had highest expectations for gay Tabatinga: An exotic border town of three countries in the magical Amazon Region without any borders, nature pure, indulgence, sex without borders, orgies, threesomes, foursomes, unimaginable gay vices of any kind, polygamous indigenous males, most certainly, refined and very deep, in that deep, deep jungle environment. Uff and Oooh, Suzy Size was finally on her way to gay Tabatinga, and was very sure this little known place (hidden deep in the Amazon jungle) would prove to be as imagined a million times back in good old Pattaya a gay heaven of unmatched, unimagined dimensions. Your heroine was most confident. For months all her thinking, all her longing had gone to gay Tabatinga and the male riches of said place. Forgotten were the disasters with Bruno Carvalho in gay Lisbon, with Darick in gay Belem and that horrible or at least nasty gay male hyperinflation in Fortaleza. Read more

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