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Accounts & Advice - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Accounts & Advice - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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14 May 11
That one night in gay Rio de Janeiro, that made your humbled heroine stumble (2)
So it was a whole pool of reasons that hard, big cock admittedly being a very strong or striking argument as well to trust marvelous Bruno and take him from Corujinha (Little Owl) to Le Boy and later to that love hotel in Lapa which was walking distance to the hotel of your heroine in Gloria and the room of Bruno in Catete.
Bruno, at one point during their stay at Corujinha, had asked Miss Size who he still called Papa:
Why do all white people have such small cocks?
Your heroine had taken this remark with a grain of salt, had thought, Bruno was bloating a bit, that vain, vain young man who was after all - and actor, a comedian, a joker. But now, sitting in that taxi that took your two heroes through the constant Rio rain to Le Boy, they were passionately kissing on the back seats and the hand of your size-queen was measuring that hard and big cock in those claustrophobic jeans once again, Suzy Size was severely humbled. Read more

7 May 11
That one night in gay Rio de Janeiro, that made your horny heroine stumble (1)
They have that so delicious, ice cold Brahma draft beer at Corujinha and your heroine ordered one and a cheese and ham toast. A young man (without drink) sat at one of the tables and made eyes at Miss Size, but your heroine thought him to be too young. And where would they go anyhow? She would (and could) never take him into her hotel and were short time places in Rio de Janeiro really safe? In the past your heroine had visited such places with men found around Galeria Alaska, but that was almost 30 years ago, during her more daring days.
The young man was very insistently trying to make eye contact with your heroine and once she smiled back. A minute later he was at her table and she bought him a beer.
His name was Bruno, 18 years old, he even showed his ID card to Suzy Size.
Your heroine was at 54 exactly three times the age of her newest acquaintance:
O tempora! O mores! (Oh what times! Oh what customs!)
Most surprisingly, young and so tall Bruno spoke quite some English. He said, he was an actor and then he talked about Stanislavski. Read more

30 Apr 11
A night in gay Rio de Janeiro makes a hard man stumble
No, it is not criminality your hardened homosexual heroine Suzy Severa Size is talking of. The places, tourists like Miss Size visit, are quite safe these days, the police is very present, omnipresent. But when you walk for hours and hours through beautiful Rio de Janeiro, like your philandering heroine, you cannot but notice an incredible abundance of the most beautiful and sexy men (a Rio conundrum: even the few ugly ones are so sexy!). The gay visitor of Rio de Janeiro is always under severe stress blessed are the blinds! Such a gay visitor is constantly busy undressing all those hunks, if he likes hunks. But oddly enough he will suddenly also go for the thin or fat guys! The bears will suddenly like hairless as well and vice versa. Many men walk around without t-shirts, thank God, so you can right away start to pull the pants down and need not bother with the little, preliminary things like silly t-shirts. Read more

17 Apr 10
Gay Rio de Janeiro is still a heavenly place
The entrance fee at Point 202 is 35 Reais (divide by 2 and you get $ US, Eduard) and it did not take more than five minutes till your humble heroine was exchanging hot and deep French kisses with a promising young men somewhere on the premises. There were so many willing young men in Point 202, always showing their big hardened cocks, it was almost grotesque, Tom of Finland figures, but more on the African than the Scandinavian side. One of them, a very practical guy as it seemed, used his extremely big and erect tool as a place to hang his towel, otherwise he was walking around completely naked as many of the boys. Read more
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