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Stories - Porto Seguro, Brazil

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Stories - Porto Seguro, Brazil
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4 Jun 11
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For the gardening users of this Gay Guide: It is in Porto Seguro (Brazil) that your heroine saw cocoa and cocoa trees for the first time in her life. It goes without saying that Miss Size took about 300 cocoa beans with her to Pattaya and is growing this plant now too in the luscious gardens surrounding Castelgandolfo.

But at the moment - at least in this narrative - she still sits in Alcohol Alley and watches highly talented Igor, the waiter and tout of Pizzeria Do Noe, talking to the walking by folks in absolute friendliness. He thus tries to lure them into said place.

If they do not enter and say their usual obrigado (obliged, male speaker) or obrigada (obliged, female speaker) or muito obrigado (much obliged, male speaker), Igor would respond with a de nada (it is nothing, you are welcome) which was the friendliest sounding de naaaada of the world.

Was Igor a gay son of Porto Seguro? Read more

28 May 11
The gay mails from and to Porto Seguro II
When Suzy Size on her second day in Porto Seguro went on one of her famous walks she went to check out the whereabouts of the ferry over to Arrajal d'Ajuda, Patricia Highheels had mentioned it in her first mail. A juicy black bicycle driver stared at your humble heroine. He just had bought a ferry ticket and made signs at Miss Size to join him, to board the ferry and set over to the other side of the river where he certainly would know a quiet place. He could clearly see in the greedy eyes of your heroine what she saw in him, what she wanted from him and he was very interested in some hearty hanky-panky. Read more

21 May 11
The gay mails from and to Porto Seguro I
Look, your semi senile heroine Suzy Size still (sometimes) trusts the advice of old friends like good old Patricia Highheels (sometimes here abbreviated as PH (no D, of course)). This Zurich based anesthetist warmly recommended a visit in Porto Seguro (whilst in Brazil) last year. Her Brazilian boyfriend who lives with her in Zurich has a Pousada (guest house, Eduard, just in case you might mistakenly think of pussy which comes with two s) in Porto Seguro: Pousada da Casa Amarela).
There - Patricia in her sweetest tunes made the pulses of your nave heroine jump 2 meters above ground - a benevolent lesbian manager of said Pousada had the only bar of Porto Seguro (save port) which was more or less a save heaven for the few lesbians AND some gay men in that otherwise family oriented Brazilian beach resort. If Suzy Size would ever go there, she could stay inexpensively at Casa Amarela (yellow house) and that lovely lesbian soul mate of Miss Size would introduce a talented young man (or two) to your heroine who would serve as a guide (during the hot days) and a companion (during the bitterly cold nights, if the air conditioning is turned on full blast). Read more

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