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Accounts & Advice - Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Accounts & Advice - Porto Alegre, Brazil
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19 Mar 11
Happy gay birthday in Porto Alegre
Suzy Size, your old heroine, showed more photographic skills when she suddenly bumped into a figure that looked exactly like herself! Look, gay traveler to the world, we have never published a picture of Miss Size so far and many biographers and masses of Size scholars have rightly lamented this lack of visibility, this lack of a clear picture.
There are, of course, good reasons for this photo shyness of your heroine.
How could she possibly test the amenities (including the juicy men) of the gay world, if everybody knew her face?
The word would spread:
Look, over there, that is Suzy Size.
Owners of badly managed go-go bars might revert to dirty tactics, pay some of their most talented money boys to befriend nave Miss Size and she might then misjudge the situation, thinking she was loved for what she is und thus getting the wrong picture of any given gay venue. Read more

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