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Accounts & Advice - Fortaleza, Brazil

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Accounts & Advice - Fortaleza, Brazil
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19 May 12
Gay Fortaleza hit by male hyperinflation
This sign thumbs up you experience time and again whilst traveling in Brazil. If you order another beer by holding up the empty bottle in a restaurant, the waiter across the joint will put up his thumb telling you, he got the message and approves of the idea. So Suzy Size thought that passer-by with his thumb up was actually a closet gardener that did well understand silly Miss Size. But in the next moment that thumb was gone and said man was holding a long and rather pointed knife in his hand, a gesture that now looked more like that fuck you finger. The situation was completely surreal: That obvious thief was such a thin and unimpressive person your heroine was not scared for one second, but strangely paralyzed. He was at least two meters away and Suzy could have run flee from him without problems. After all this happened in broad daylight on a busy intersection with many cars and motorcycles driving around. But instead, Suzy Size just started to scream a bit, probably hoping to attract attention and chase him away. Read more

25 Jun 11
Sexy gay dragon found in Fortaleza beach
Despite the warnings of the receptionist they had neither food nor beer at said hotel - your hungry and thirsty heroine went out anyhow. Even though the rain had stopped, she was in a bad mood and armed with her famous umbrella to fight off any criminal that would dare to cross her way that lousy, rotten night. If any bad boy would come close to her, she was going to shout at him in her native Swiss German dialect: Wotsch aes paar ad Schnurre du tumme Siech! which is quite frightening and sounds about like this: watch as bore add shnoorae to toomae sea-aek. Your hateful heroine is quite sure, that you, gay traveler to Fortaleza, would have run too, if you might have crossed the path of Miss Size that very somber night. Read more

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