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Stories - Argentina
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16 Apr 11
A threesome in gay Buenos Aires – part 3: Crash landing
Before Pekko left, Miss Size told him to come back next day again, same place, same time, same (or enhanced) activity.
Your heroine has not engaged in a threesome for many years, but was now in such a seemingly bizarre mood. She called Tiziano, a good looking guy with sizeable hardware, a juicy ass – he reminded her a bit of Alain Delon, a blond version, of course – who had that kind of gangster face as well, when he was as young as Tiziano.
Tiziano – over the phone - asked for the same terms like Pekko (250 peso, 62.50 $ US) per hour. The deal was made, of course.
Tiziano arrived – excellent timing – 10 minutes early and he too – Aryana – looked exactly as advertised: tall, blond, big ass, sexy guy, no balding, be assured, at all. Read more

9 Apr 11
A threesome in gay Buenos Aires – part 2: Professionals
When the door opened it was not godly Nacho, but another well mannered young man. He explained that naughty Nacho was presently busy for at least another hour, sorry, so sorry. But he asked Suzy to come in and have a look at the other boys.
Apparently, this was a gay Buenos Aires brothel and not the private residence of boyish chicko Nacho.
So your horny heroine was seated in a larger room with Jacuzzi and the so called presentation began.
The first performer came in, kissed your heroine cheek to cheek, said his name, age, sexual abilities, took out his erect cock from his almost exploding underwear. Then again kissed cheek to cheek and left. Read more

2 Apr 11
Is this an honest gay whorehouse in Buenos Aires?
The mood of your heroine Suzy Size during her visit of this gay whorehouse in Buenos Aires was bad. She had – for the second time – come here to meet her one and only Nacho and was sitting on that bed in a small and rundown room without en suite. It was a bit difficult to judge when the bed sheets had been changed last, but it could not have been too recently. Ten minutes had passed when the young and friendly manager of the brothel opened the door and announced Nacho – or Lautaro, this talented young man uses at least two different noms de plume, noms de profession – was only seconds away, but those seconds were measured in Argentinean time which translates in another 10 minutes, 10 minutes at least. The waiting went on and on and Suzy Size had enough time to take a close look at the faded wallpaper once upon a time, long, long ago, showing blossoming roses and some golden motives. The straight porn movie on the small old TV was of less interest for your bored heroine. Read more

26 Mar 11
Unwanted, unnecessary chastity finally terminated in gay Cordoba
When Norberto el Mejor finally opened the downstairs door to let your horny heroine into his tall building of residence, Suzy Size could finally forget all the hardships she had to go through to experience this auspicious and most thrilling moment. Norberto el Mejor had let her finally in – into his house, maybe into his life and certainly into his juicy ass - and the 30 years old Argentinean talent looked exactly as on the photos of that benevolent escort service, this was good news, good news, indeed. Miss Size now instantly had forgotten the dramatic and traumatic scenes at the airport in Montevideo. Your heroine did not remember now her outmost anger in Santiago de Chile. Even the arduous drive over the Andes till she finally had reached the dark kingdom of Cazaban in Mendoza did not matter any longer. And even the cold, cold rains of Cordoba were forgotten. All kinds of stress - which are an integral part of such gay journeys – had vanished at once. Read more

3 Apr 10
Meeting gay gauchos in Buenos Aires
So it was quite clear by now, Suzy Size needed a tango teacher. But where to find? She tried at Toms action bar where she saw two guys that looked like typical tango teachers, but they were lazily talking to each other, instead of seeking this so obvious business opportunity. She had a beer a Flux bar, a friendly place that opens early on, but was almost alone there. She consulted her gay bible, the Pink Pages of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World and found this precious piece of information on a local gay guide: “On the right side of Santa Fe Avenue you will find at night people waiting for buses (that never arrive), watching shop displays at 1 AM, or just cruising. Popular corners are Santa Fe and Puerredon, Santa Fe and Ecuador, Santa Fe and Azcuenaga. They are called "taxiboys" in local slang. This is not the safer, but the cheapest escort choice. Never bring one of them to your hotel is a good common sense advice.” Read more
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