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13 Dec 14
15 years Panorama celebrated in style
Lud and Mike, the owners and managers of Panorama Pub, invited regular guests and friends Wednesday night to their traditional anniversary party. Panorama is the oldest gay Pub of Pattaya and naturally located in good old Boyztown. Time obviously flies! It was the 15th anniversary of Panorama already and this popular gay hangout is still running strong. An opulent free buffet was offered to the many happy guests together with the first free drink. And splendid entertainment was delivered by local talent. Many thanks to Lud and Mike for another great night! Read more

21 Jun 14
10 years Funny Boys celebrated in style
Lud and Mike, the owners and managers, of Funny Boys host bar in the famous Pattaya Boyztown invited regular guests this week to a fine anniversary party. Time obviously flies! It was the 10th anniversary Funny Boys could celebrate Thursday night already and the 7th anniversary of mamasan Rose. An opulent free buffet was offered to the many happy guests together with the first free drink. The boys of Funny Boys were generously showered with cash gifts. As guest performers a group of dancers from Boyzboyzboyz appeared on stage. Everybody attending had a ball. Have a look at our snapshots which speak louder than many words. Read more

14 Dec 13
A splendid party at gay Panorama Pub
It was a great party that took place last Wednesday at Panorama Pub, the oldest gay pub of Pattaya. Friends and customers were invited to celebrate the 14th anniversary with a complimentary buffet and great entertainment. Thanks to Lud and Mike for a great evening. Read more

23 Nov 13
A successful trip to gay Cambodia
About five years ago your heroine wrote a piece titled “Banking on trees” in which Miss Size outlined her seemingly crazy plan to make a bundle of money by growing Graviola (soursop) trees and selling them: Eduard in Kuala Lumpur, Ian in London, Patrick in Zurich and Dieter in the Philippines may remember. Other, more sporadic users of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, may not remember. To her own surprise your heroine was completely right, her vague business idea worked out 100%. Read more

7 Sep 13
Two guys rediscovered in gay Pattaya
If you ever wondered what happened to Phil Graham and Richard Burke, here is the answer: Phil, who was the editor and proprietor of “Spice” gay Magazine has recently bought a bistro called Coco’s in Soi Chaiyapruek. Yes, that is on the way to Castelgandolfo, the somewhat pompous residence of your heroine Suzy Size. As the manager Phil has hired Richard Burke who was the owner of Amor Restaurant in Boyztown. Read more

22 Jun 13
Funny Boys celebrates 9th anniversary with style
Time just flies: Funny Boys, the most outstanding go-go bar in Pattaya Boyztown, just celebrated its 9th anniversary with style. The party was great fun, indeed. The invited guests were treated like kings – or queens, if they preferred. Besides the beautiful boys, the new facades of Funny Boys and Panorama, the oldest Gay Pub of Boyztown, were the talk of the night. May there be many more happy reunions of this (our) kind… Read more

16 Mar 13
A last return to gay Phnom Penh?
Suzy Size had dinner with her straight friends and then naturally joined the gay Phnom Penh crowds at Blue Chilli. There was a nice young man there that caught the attention of your heroine. He was quite funny and your heroine paid him some beers. Naturally he wanted to join Miss Size for the night or short time, but Suzy turned him down for now. She had him come over the next afternoon instead and he came, indeed, they actually both came, eventually… Read more

9 Mar 13
Gay Pattaya: The lucky year of whom?
But you must know, user of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, the Mia Noi does not call your heroine any longer, conveying the so tempting and reassuring message: “I am so horny, please come over to see me at once!” Since November that sexy Mia Noi has a so called partner, a Russian of all nations! He stays with that handsome gay Thai guy and Suzy is no longer allowed to visit her fine young man of 32 years of age any longer at his quarters! This is not only a pity because of the ample and convenient parking, right in front of the building, Miss Size now has to call herself, instead of being called! Read more

6 Oct 12
Gay Baan Souy resort Pattaya: Good start!
Jim Lumsden, the flamboyant owner of Baan Souy, the exotic luxury resort of gay Pattaya, and his partner Gordon May can look back on a very busy, but also successful year. They opened their new resort, halfway between Boyztown and Jomtien gay beach in a quiet and very convenient location. From 9 am until 11 pm they provide a free Tuk-Tuk service for their guests that will drop them at either of the two gay hotspots in our town. By the way, this Baan Souy Tuk-Tuk is fully licensed and the passengers are therefore insured. Read more

17 Dec 11
Anniversary at Panorama gay pub Pattaya
One highlight on the gay agenda of Pattaya in December is always the annual birthday party at Panorama, the oldest gay Pub of Pattaya, located right in the center of Boyztown. It took place Saturday last week and it was actually – can you believe it? - the 12th anniversary! Time just flies. Read more

3 Dec 11
Now open: Gay Pattaya accommodation
Baan Souy (beautiful house) Resort has opened now and is the newest addition to the gay community of Pattaya. The stylish new resort is the brainchild of Jim Lumsden and Gordon May who are recognized as the founding fathers of legendary Boyztown. Jim, as everybody knows, still runs Boyzboyzboyz and has some marvelous new boys. Have a look at the pictures. Read more

24 Sep 11
Stylish new gay Pattaya accommodation
Baan Souy Resort is still under construction at the moment, but the end of the works is in sight. The first guests are scheduled to move in by the beginning of November and anybody that knows perfectionist Jim Lumsden is sure, the place will be up and running days before the deadline. The new stylish accommodation is located in Thappraya Road, Soi 15. Read more

2 Jul 11
Gay Pattaya parties at sexy Happy Place
Time just flies! Last Tuesday the gay community of Pattaya was invited to celebrate the one year anniversary of Happy Place, the sexy male host bar around the corner of Boyztown. Another year has passed already! The party started after 9 pm with a succulent free buffet containing lots of different goodies. The entrance ticket to Happy Place was at 300 Baht not only reasonable, but dirt cheap. It included no less than three drinks and was also a raffle ticket. The guests and hosts equally were not shy to have a bite or two, the food was absolutely delicious and plentiful. Read more

2 Jul 11
Gay Philippines short stories published
The pink morgue is not exactly a place associated with a vital gay life style and overwhelming gay pride. And yet it is an extraordinary gay achievement in the Philippines. The Pink Morgue is actually the title of the Philippines’ first-ever collection of homoerotic mystery and suspense short stories. Read more

25 Jun 11
Record crowd at gay Singapore pride
Singapore’s Hong Lim Park in China Town was on that hot and steamy Saturday afternoon on June 18 a sea of pink. Pink T-Shirts, pink shoes, pink balloons, some outrageous gay queens even pinked up their pet dogs.
The official event lasted only one hour. Everything is very organised and scheduled in Singapore. And yet, there was a dash of a hilarious anarchy to it, which only can be found at gay events. Many people showed up hours before the launch of Pink Dot seizing the opportunity for a picnic with delicious food, bubbling French champagne, good friends and the determination to make a statement: look, dear fellow Singaporeans, we are here, we are queer, we do not hide anymore, we are proud of what we are. Read more

18 Jun 11
The new pride beacon of gay cyber space?
Would it not be wonderful to have a generic Top Level Domain .gay? The answer to that question is a clear and loud YES - if you ask Scott Seitz of SPI Marketing. Top Level Domain is not a newly discovered variety of tops like a gay super top stud or a gay top with extremely refined sexual skills. It is rather the part behind the dot of an internet address, like the .ws in the ever so popular global gay guide Sticky Rice (ws stands for: web site). Read more

11 Jun 11
Gay Pattaya meets at Funny Boys Boyztown
The annual party at Funny Boys which is usually held during low season - is a must for any gay resident of Pattaya and a happy crowd gathered at this so well managed go-go bar in Boyztown Thursday night. There was a free succulent buffet ready for the invited guests and friends of this Pattaya institution which celebrated – can you believe it? – its seventh anniversary that night. Read more

4 Jun 11
Pattaya: Gay entertainment at Boyz Boyz Boyz gets a boost

Changes take place at the traditional Pattaya gay meeting place of good old Boyztown. Jim Lumsden, a pioneer in entertainment for people like us, partly parts and makes a great return or comeback to his roots: He takes back Boyz Boyz Boyz and will lead it to old glory. Read more

25 Dec 10
The intimate memoirs of Suzy Size are finally out
In August Suzy Size got a mail from a renowned publishing house in Singapore, Marshall Cavendish. They had read some of her travel blogs on Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World and asked the old girl, if she might be interested in a book? At first arrogant Suzy did not take them seriously at all and was contemplating to not even answer that strange and unexpected mail. She thought somebody out there was playing a sick joke on her. But than she graciously agreed, that I, Hans Fritschi, her secretary, amanuensis or slave, should send them a very short reply. Read more

4 Dec 10
Impressions of the Pattaya Pride 2010
Your benign heroine Suzy Size was a bit lazy this week. Though she did attend the Pattaya Pride Boyztown Street Party on December 1st which happens to be World Aids Day. She saw many hunks and many familiar faces at the “Magic Boyztown Party”, but is too tired to write a long piece about this for Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World. So have a look at the snapshots and get ready for the festive season. Many people are here in Pattaya already, and if you have not yet made a hotel booking, you need to hurry up. Read more
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