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An Angel came to gay Puerto Vallarta

But will he travel along to gay Guadalajara?

By Suzy Size, your terribly old gay guide to Asia and the gay world

Wet dreams in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
Will Suyz and her Angel ever swim together?
After about eight days in gay Puerto Vallarta Suzy Size was waiting for a bus that would bring your heroine to not so gay Colima first and then to very gay Guadalajara later. But she was more waiting to see whether or not Miguel Angel would dare to come along or not.

Only last night she had made a proposal to this sexy 26years old Mexican gay guy to come along as her companion for four nights. And they had long chatted about that topic through e-mails that was obviously tempting to said fine young man. His final mail before going to sleep that night - read:

Suzy, I can't believe I'm thinking on going. Must confess: I'm scared about it.

But now on the next day in that merciless broad sunlight - the time was running out.

Suzy Size had taken her seat in that bus that was overdue to leave already and there was no Miguel Angel in sight anywhere. The Angel had been too scared after all! More lonely days stood before your heartbroken heroine.

Meet the gay boys of Puerto Vallarta right here)
Another gay sauna in Puerto Vallarta
Whilst in gay Puerto Vallarta Suzy Size not only checked out the strippers there, she was naturally also interested in the many massage boys that offer their rather expensive services. Only one quite old guy offered her explicitly a sex massage for at least in gay Puerto Vallarta - sensational 100 Peso (about 8 $ US) when Miss Size was walking in the beach, but all others wanted 400 to 600 Peso (about 50 $ US), plus probably a nice tip for the so called happy ending. You - users of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World who probably are aware of the low costs paid for such priceless services in Pattaya must be shocked or even abhorred by such high and unreasonable demands. And so was your heroine who in the end never acquired such therapy, not even in that so boring Spartacus sauna.

Anonimo bar in gay Puerto Vallarta)
At Anonimo you can charge your batteries at gay Puerto Vallart
One of the most favorite hangouts of your heroine whilst in gay Puerto Vallarta was Anonimo, a small and unpretentious bar just 50 meters from her hotel. They had a hunky bartender here called Carlito or sometimes Charly who had his steady admirers. Suzy Size often had her sundowner here or a very last beer on the way home. One night she sat down at the bar besides a cute guy with fancy spectacles who was reading Wilde Swans by Chinese writer Jung Chang in Spanish. This book kind of started a conversation and when his beer was empty Suzy Size bought him a new one.

Miguel Angel was 26years old and just recently had come to Puerto Vallarta for a month to write his thesis or rather a lengthy final paper for some odd business studies he was about to finish. He was a nice kid, spoke English quite well and was easily impressed by your sometimes pretentious and flamboyant heroine.

Gay beach of Puerto Vallarta is full of handsome men)
Maricones meet at the Malecon of gay Puerto Vallarta
Look, users of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, Miguel Angel was 30 years younger than your heroine and she would not have rejected him, if he wanted for instance join Miss Size urgently that night. He showed some interest in Suzy Size who was naturally flattered, but he also observed in dismay or confusion at one point:

You are only three years younger than my dad!

And then the matter was solved anyhow, Miguel Angel was asked to sing live on stage which took all his concentration for the rest of that night.

Gay meeting place of Puerto Vallarta)
Will Suzy ever dance like this with her Angel in gay Puerto Vallarta?
This guy is a sensational performer, singer! One of the waiters of Anonimo not hunk Carlito had heard him sing at a Karaoke bar earlier and invited him to show his talent to the owner of the Anonimo bar that night who was equally impressed as everybody else. Suzy Size especially liked the funny Mexican songs in which he sung the female and the male parts. He went on for several hours and was offered one beer and hard drink after the other by the bar owner and his friend who himself was a professional performer or something similar from Show Biz.

In the end they offered Miguel Angel to perform every of the four remaining Sundays he was still in town for 500 Peso a night. Your heroine was so happy for that nice and talented young man, but was now leaving for good. When she said good-by to Miguel Angel, he apologized for not having had enough time to talk to her. So Suzy Size asked him to go out with her for dinner next night and he agreed without the slightest hesitation.

Gay meeting place in Puerto Vallarta)
Cora: Friends of gay Puerto Vallarta meet here
Your heroine took him out next night to an excellent restaurant at the Malecon of Puerto Vallarta. They had a pleasant conversation, he told her his short life, she told him parts of her so very long and colorful life.

After dinner he quickly showed Miss Size Cora (about to close at that late hour of the day) which is a public bar with swimming pool (with a small entrance fee) and a dark room of the namesake gay Puerto Vallarta hotel. (If your heroine should ever come back to Puerto Vallarta, she would probably stay in this gay one-stop hotel.)

Then they had some beers at Anonimo without feeling the urge both parties involved to spend the night together.

A sexy gay visitor of Puerto Vallarta)
This beautiful man must be an angel in disguise!
The last night before her departure Suzy Size checked out said Cora, Miguel Angel busy with writing his paper was maybe going to join. It was more or less clear to your seasoned homosexual heroine that they would use that dark room of Cora and have finally sex there together, if he was going to show up.

But no Miguel Angel appeared at Coras, nor did he come to Anonimo later as Suzy was hoping. So - more or less sleepless in Vallarta Miss Size finally asked her Angel to join her next day not as a long time companion just for a short 4 night trip. And his enigmatic answer had been:

I can't believe I'm thinking on going. Must confess: I'm scared about it.

And in the very, very, very last minute Miguel Angel suddenly boarded the bus Suzy had been waiting in anxiously: The Angel had finally overcome his scare.

Readers Comments
5851 Victoria in Kyoto 29 Jun 13
I think, his scare (scrupels) SPEAK FOR HIM. What a lucky lady you are! I hope, you will have some nice days with him ...

5854 Anonymous 30 Jun 13
I bet the next thing we hear about is his application for
residency in Pattaya, Thailand... and i do not blame you
for wanting a smile like his every morning...buenas suerte




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