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6 Jul 12
Iquitos: My true gay friend in Peru!
Look, gay traveler to Iquitos or Peru in general, your horny heroine Suzy Size always thought of herself as being thoroughly against racism. Did she not give a moving speech in school (at the age of 11 or maybe 12, yeah, that early in life!) on Dr. Martin Luther King? When Barack Obama was finally elected president, she could not hold her water and cried together with Referent Jesse Jackson, back in front of her TV screen in good old Pattaya! But your hardened homosexual heroine Suzy Size had to travel all the way up the mighty Amazon River, passing gay Belem, Manaus and last but not least Tabatinga, covering virtually thousands of kilometers, to discover the nice side of racism? Naturally, this is another absurd twist in the rich life of Miss Size, but she will confess it all to the readership of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World, regardless what you, prospective traveler to gay Iquitos, may think. If heaven should exist, after all, there will be judgment day, anyhow. Read more

30 Jun 12
Gay Iquitos: All men here are bisexuals!
The gay visitor of Iquitos – any tourist that comes here – will certainly visit the riverfront area, between Amazon Bistro, Fitzcarraldo, Arandu Bar, Die Nacht and Amazon Explorers Club, right in the center of town. There are several great Colonial Mansions – built during the riches of the rubber boom - overlooking the Amazon shores. And during the night the male prostitutes of Iquitos offer their services here to their gay and bisexual customers. During her six days in Iquitos Suzy Size, your restless heroine, got the impression that 95 percent of the male population is either outright gay or at least bisexual. Read more

23 Jun 12
Gay Iquitos: Are all men here bisexuals?
When your heroine Suzy Size finally arrived in gay Iquitos, everybody liked or even loved her. The Tuk Tuk drivers of Iquitos almost fought each other for the privilege of first carrying the heavy suit case of Miss Size – containing all the sizeable dildos, the fur coats and the tons of gliding cream – up the very steep stairs from the water to the shore – and then driving your heroine to a pre-booked hotel. One guy just snapped that suit case in the end and Miss Size followed suit, what else could she have done? The chosen hotel was crap, but Miss Size stayed that first night, she had to pay for it anyhow. But it was clear from the start: Iquitos was a very nice place. Miss Size fell in love with it instantly and had great expectations, that were later fulfilled, indeed. Read more

16 Jun 12
Gay Tabatinga: Realities on the ground
After visiting Leticia (Columbia), Miss Size returned to the Brazilian side of the border, to Tabatinga, headed to the harbor and wanted to take a ferry over to Santa Rosa, Peru, (located on an Amazon island) in order to visit Brazil, Colombia and Peru in one day which is only possible in Tabatinga, as far as your heroine knows. But at that harbor it was explained to Miss Size, that Santa Rosa was presently inundated and such a Sunday visit was rather useless. Read more

9 Jun 12
Gay Tabatinga: Here three countries meet
So Suzy Size had highest expectations for gay Tabatinga: An exotic border town of three countries in the magical Amazon Region without any borders, nature pure, indulgence, sex without borders, orgies, threesomes, foursomes, unimaginable gay vices of any kind, polygamous indigenous males, most certainly, refined and very deep, in that deep, deep jungle environment. Uff and Oooh, Suzy Size was finally on her way to gay Tabatinga, and was very sure this little known place (hidden deep in the Amazon jungle) would prove to be – as imagined a million times back in good old Pattaya – a gay heaven of unmatched, unimagined dimensions. Your heroine was most confident. For months all her thinking, all her longing had gone to gay Tabatinga and the male riches of said place. Forgotten were the disasters with Bruno Carvalho in gay Lisbon, with Darick in gay Belem and that horrible or at least nasty gay male hyperinflation in Fortaleza. Read more

2 Jun 12
Gay Manaus is full of huge bananas
Look, prospective gay visitor of Manaus, not everything is bad in that jungle city. They have neatly renovated their fine opera house built during the rubber boom. There are some pleasant squares and corners and your walking heroine had certainly joyous moments, even though that city is rather dirty. The old market near Manaus port is under renovation presently, but there are areas nearby where merchants sell their exotic products. The dominant items of Manaus are huge bananas which is a likeable staple when you think of the shape and the extreme sizes. Of course it took your nearly gaga heroine a while till she realized: Those bananas are not made for mouths in their virgin state… Read more

26 May 12
Gay Belem: Rich harvest in one field
The regular readers of this eternal gay blog may recall: In the first to third episodes already, when your heroine Suzy Size was only planning her anew departure for the Gay World Friendship Tour, she had discovered a striking escort in gay Belem: A stunning young Mulatto with a 23 cm tool, that can do almost everything. The name of this flesh turned angel is Darick, he is the crown jewel, the icon of gay Belem! For months Miss Size – time and again - returned to her Darick darling, this monumental male escort entry. She dreamed of him, conversed with him, consulted him in all important questions, but only in her thoughts. And now she was actually going to meet that gay monument of Belem! Read more

19 May 12
Gay Fortaleza hit by male hyperinflation
This sign – thumbs up – you experience time and again whilst traveling in Brazil. If you order another beer by holding up the empty bottle in a restaurant, the waiter across the joint will put up his thumb telling you, he got the message and approves of the idea. So Suzy Size thought that passer-by with his thumb up was actually a closet gardener that did well understand silly Miss Size. But in the next moment that thumb was gone and said man was holding a long and rather pointed knife in his hand, a gesture that now looked more like that fuck you finger. The situation was completely surreal: That obvious thief was such a thin and unimpressive person your heroine was not scared for one second, but strangely paralyzed. He was at least two meters away and Suzy could have run flee from him without problems. After all this happened in broad daylight on a busy intersection with many cars and motorcycles driving around. But instead, Suzy Size just started to scream a bit, probably hoping to attract attention and chase him away. Read more

12 May 12
Gay Lisbon: Some sexy Brazilian escorts
When Bruno Carvalho had arrived at My Rainbow Rooms, Suzy hoped that many of the other guests would be around, witnessing the great catch your heroine had made. She would then escort that splendid free escort to her (heated) room and undress him. They have those comfortable and fluffy white bathing gowns and the happy new couple (for an hour) would then proceed through the common corridor to one of the two comfortable, but common bathrooms, another chance for idle Miss Size to present her catch, before eating him up all. Read more

5 May 12
Gay Lisbon: Meeting a sexy Brazilian
Bruno Carvalho, that great gay escort in Lisbon, was only going to be the start of a new and unique writing career for Suzy Size. She has written uncountable book, movie and theater reviews: So boring! Who reads that stuff? But how much more rewarding must it be to become a critic of the money boys of the world? And Suzy bets, you all out there would want to read those reviews in which you could get intimately getting to know the youth, the strength and the future of the gay world! Suzy Size is ready for that sacrifice and service. And there was a lot in it for those male angels too, we are not only speaking of the honor to service your horny heroine Suzy Size, but the unique chance to become immortal. “Wanderlust in Gay Asia” is selling quite well and more volumes may follow suit. For instance “Wandering through the gay escort gardens of the world”. Read more

28 Apr 12
Lucky in gay Beijing: A very good man
Needless to say, when Suzy Size returned to gay Beijing, she tried to call her prince charming she had met three years ago on his phone. But, alas, to the great chagrin of your saddened heroine, this number was no longer assigned to anybody! So Miss Size sent him a mail in a rush which did not bounce, so there was hope. Suzy Size waited and waited, but there was no response. Had he forgotten about your heroine? Did he have a boyfriend now and was no longer prone to hanky-panky on the side? Had that fine young man possibly died in a car accident or any other comparable tragedy? Maybe the answer was very simple: The love mail of your heroine had just landed in spam? Was held back by a merciless spam filter! So on a freezing cold Friday night – after a dinner with friends – Suzy tried to get a taxi which can be difficult in Beijing these days. It took at least half an hour until an unlicensed taxi driver at an extensive rate brought your heroine back to Destination the gay Beijing disco she had met him. Read more

21 Apr 12
Laying down in gay Beijing: A good sauna
When you, gay visitor of Beijing, read this, your heroine is already sitting in Iracema Beach of Fortaleza in Brazil. Just 10 minutes ago Suzy Severa Size has been robbed in broad daylight by a knife wielding thief near Marina Park. This was a close call! And – without her excellent karma - she might as well be dead now and this newest installment of the eternal Gay World Friendship Tour would never have seen the light of the universe. But let us - for now - return to the happy gay days in Beijing where Miss Size was still in a state of innocence – so to speak – neither could she have foreseen then the tragic and heartbreaking events of Lisbon surrounding monstrous Bruno Carvalho, nor the sudden and devastating reoccurrence of hyperinflation in Brazil which lead to the fallout with Marcello, her one and only love of gay Fortaleza. Read more

14 Apr 12
Touch-down in gay Beijing: A massage boy
It was already dark and your heroine had no clue where she was and was definitely looking for a taxi: This has become difficult too in Beijing these days, finding taxis that open their meters! She was walking by a hair salon when a young guy working there offered a foot or a body massage. Suzy Size was in no mood, but then thought twice. At 200 RMB (33 $ US) this was such an obvious invitation to a massage with happy ending. And that 24 year old masseur was quite cute. And the middle aged woman – his boss – looked very much like that Russian whore in the plane, with Chinese features though. Suzy concluded, this was a gay Beijing vice den, and entered that heavenly place without further delay. Read more

7 Apr 12
Gay Pattaya: Big fish caught finally
When you, gay traveler to Asia, read this account of the last things done in very gay Pattaya, your heroine Suzy Size has parted already for greener pastures. She looks back from gay Beijing (her present location of writing and searching that so special male pleasure) on the last eventful days back home. For now she can only disclose about the Chinese capital, she arrived here around 6.30 am on a bitter cold Tuesday with 4 degrees Celsius and had her first gay Beijing encounter around 9 pm. But the Beijing leg of her eternal World Gay Friendship Tour will fully be featured in due time – which means: next week – so Eduard, in KL, be patient, even though it hurts! It is only one week you have to wait, one little week only! Read more

31 Mar 12
Gay Yangon: Where men meet male meat
It was getting dark by now and Suzy Size had done all her mails and internet stuff she wanted. With little enthusiasm your dutiful heroine wanted to check that infamous pedestrian bridge in front of the Lion World Pub which was described by a user of Sticky Rice Gay Guide Asia and Gay Guide World as being a gateway to heaven: According to said earlier gay visitor of Yangon, the young Myanmar men looking for a boyfriend congregate here… And when your horny heroine arrived, quite some activity was going on there in the dark. Several young men were walking on that heavenly bridge over troubled waters. It took not longer than three minutes till a cute one stood besides your heroine and started one of those typical conversations… Read more

24 Mar 12
Gay Yangon: Where meat was found before
You, gay traveler to mighty Myanmar, probably agree: If you ever made a good catch at any given place in the world, you are likely to return and try your luck again there. Even though Suzy Size has never actually caught a juicy gay Myanmar boy at that old Yangon bar that specializes in frozen yoghurts and cold beers and is called after that famous kick-boxer Nilar Win, she naturally wanted to return there. And after the visit of the bar at the Strand hotel, Suzy went to look for it. After all, Durian Gray, the infamous writer for good old Thai Guys Magazine – the first gay Magazine of Thailand founded by your heroine - got laid in the toilet of the Nilar Win bar almost 12 years ago! Read more

17 Mar 12
Gay Yangon: Where is the meat?
Before your two gay heroines in Yangon went out in search of the Myanmar meat that night, they decided to have something to eat at their hotel restaurant on 7th floor. Suzy Size ordered vermicelli noodles with seafood, a dish the horrible Burmese cooks cannot mess up too much whereas Michaela Primavera went for a cheeseburger, not too difficult a dish either. When Suzy got her noodles they were quite all right. But when Michaela took a hearty bite of her cheeseburger that looked quite all right at first sight as well, her eyes started turning wild. She put down her burger and took away the bun covering it. Michaela stared at her plate in absolute disbelieve! She waved down a waiter in a rage and yelled at him: “Take it back, I will not pay for this!” Read more

10 Mar 12
Gay Myanmar: Your heroine has arrived
When you, gay traveler to Myanmar, read this weekly installment of this almost eternal blog, your heroine should have arrived – provided there was no fatal air crash, an unexpected heart attack or similar grave potholes on the way - in hopefully very gay Yangon. Naturally, you will be informed in detail about all the adventures and gay encounters of Suzy Size next week, exclusively on this website. But for the time being, Miss Size is still in her Pattaya kitchen preparing her two belated Christmas geese, it is very time consuming, indeed, and your heroine has much room for many worrying thoughts. Read more

3 Mar 12
Gay Myanmar: Advice from recent visitors
So cooking her two geese – it takes hours and hours – Suzy Size was contemplating how she could get rid of that rather useless gardener. If she fired him outright, he would lose face and so would the good gardener who had introduced that idiot to your heroine. And operating in Asia for more than twenty years, Miss Size is aware of those complicated face things. In other words, if she fired the lousy gardener, the good one might leave with him as well, just to save face and without having a new job and a perspective. But on the other hand, that imbecile just drove her nuts and she had yelled at him several times already and thus lost face herself. If only darling Darik, in Belem, was into gardening! He is so strong in any department, maybe Miss Size could import him into her Castelgandolfo gardens for a short or prolonged time? Read more

25 Feb 12
Gay Myanmar: Your heroine is on her way
Another big topic of your insatiable size-queen is her relentless gardening: On her trip to gay Recife (Brazil) she saw a strange tree of incredible dimensions and naturally took a photo of that big, big thing. Suzy Size picked up some seeds, seemingly coming from that tree, but back in Pattaya - in her Castelgandolfo gardens - she grew very ordinary street trees from those darn seeds. Later, when visiting gay Fortaleza, she saw another one of those big trees and found out – thanks to a description in front of it – that this was a baobab, the most famous tree of Africa. Read more
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